Men's Hair Loss & Restoration

Effective Solutions for Men's Hair Loss

State-of-the-Art Hair Systems for Hair Restoration

You can count on Connie Valentine's The Hair Technicians to have state-of-the-art hair systems for adding more hair, gradually or all at once, to your natural hair. Is your hair loss is caused by stress, a nutritional imbalance, impaired scalp circulation, or externally caused damage? You'll be amazed by our blending techniques that perfectly match your natural texture and color to the unit.
Happy man after hair restoration

Excellent Hair Add-Ons

In the past many men have been concerned about wearing a hair add-on due to its weight and appearance, but we've got a more natural-looking solution that you'll love. 

Our hair replacement units are designed with the finest quality and attached with the safest, medical grade bonding adhesive for optimum results.
Happy man after hair restoration

Learn More About Our Hair Restoration Solutions

Enjoy life more - while at work, playing sports, or at leisure - with a new hair system. You'll feel confident knowing that the areas of balding and thinning are concealed with the highest quality add-ons in the hair industry. Get a free consultation from us; we can design something that is customized to your personal lifestyle. It's our mission to give you back the very best of yourself.
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